Treasure Chase - Review

Treasure Chase
Rating: E - Everyone

This is a 'sliding block' puzzle game. Actually, in its full glory it is 376 sliding block puzzles!!

A sliding block puzzle has a rectangular 'board' divided into squares, and starts with a number of 'blocks' already in place. With an exception to be described later, each block covers at least two adjacent squares, and thus can only be moved in its long direction. One or more blocks look like treasure chests, and the object of each puzzle is to move the blocks so that these chests can be slid to exit squares. You slide a block by using your stylus to move it. It will make an appropriate sound when moved.

The Adventure option is the only one available to start with. Each stage shows a trail with 5 puzzles, then two alternate trails with two puzzles each, which then converges back to the final puzzle of that stage.

The puzzles start out pretty simple, but can get rather complex and difficult. In later stages, blocks which are not just solid bricks are introduced; there are 9 kinds of blocks in all:

Various combinations of block properties will occur, and sometimes the board will have squares filled with stationary objects which cannot be moved.

Once you have completed the first set of 4 stages, the Bonus Puzzles become available. There are 200 of them! As far as I have gotten, I have only run into normal blocks and blocks with gaps. In many, but not all puzzles, a solution is available, and you will be given this option after playing that particular puzzle for 20 minutes. Then, if you wish you can select to have the DS solve the puzzle all at once without showing you how it is done, and let you go on to the next one, or to have the DS advance one move at a time until the puzzle is solved. READ THE INSTRUCTION BOOKLET TO FIND OUT HOW TO CONTROL THIS.

The puzzle difficulty is not uniform - often I couldn't solve one, yet the next one fell into place quickly and easily, and was accomplished in a minute or two. So, if you like this kind of puzzle, a DS in your pocket can keep you amused while waiting for a bus or as a work-avoidance mechanism. As a bonus, if you have a DS with a camera (DSi, 3DS) you can scan the 16 codes in the instruction booklet and get 16 more puzzles.

Fun Factor: Some puzzles are easy, some are hard. Depends on your personality.
Female Factor: None
Player Friendly: READ THE INSTRUCTION BOOKLET! Why no solution is offered for some of the puzzles is puzzling.

Reviewed by: Lou - Oct/11

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