Vegas Party  - Review

Vegas Party
Ages: Teen

appropriate in a Vegas casino. Actually the game opens in a casino and you are waved into the VIP section. Here you can choose to play; Bingo, Texas hold 'em, Video Poker, Slots, Roulette, Black Jack, Darts, Red or Black, Baccarat, Darts and Greyhound. For Quickplay you can choose which game to play; Competition, you will play all for the highest score. Which brings me to a point - this is not one-person game. AI players will move too fast while with actual players the games waits until the choices are made.

Another part of the game is a board game. Actually, a race to see who reaches the end first and hopefully not broke. Four characters, and they are freaky characters, take places, roll dice - and with luck, land on a square that will let players into a casino. Some other squares will get you married, give you a bonus or allow you to shop. To enliven things up, there is good die and catastrophic die and earthquakes and tornadoes on the horizon. The intention may have been to give players the feel of walking down the strip and it fleshes out the game, but I feel that players will pick one or the other and I'll bet that people are there to gamble.

For those of us who have never lost a nickel in Vegas - a simple description in the manual, of the games would have been appreciated.

Fun Factor: It's a mixed bag
Player Friendly: Could use more instructions in the manual

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/09

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