Wedding Dash - Review

Wedding Dash
Ages: Everyone 10+

Warning - Don't play this until after the wedding. Just kidding. Wedding Dash is Play First's new time management game, out just in time for the summer's garden wedding season. The game is amusing and will resonate with everyone's experience of weddings.

The game introduces Quinn, soon to be a novice wedding planner through a couple of comic book pages - nicely done. The choice of games is Career Mode or Endless Reception. The Career Mode starts with a small simple wedding and with each iteration they become bigger and more complicated socially.

The job of the wedding planner begins with seating the guests according to their preferences - naturally, not everyone can be accommodated but by skillful handling you can serve some guests faster, therefore emptying seats and sending them off to dance, but you have to weigh this against making a guest angry by waiting - shades of Diner Dash here. To complicate things - there are courses to contend with - and dessert before dinner doesn't work here, gifts to carry to the bride and groom's table, and music requests by the guests. And then we have CHRISIS - bees, dogs, fire at the chef's table, lost speaker wire, drunk and crying relatives, battling bridesmaids keep Quinn hopping through 50 levels of game play.

Endless mode is basically a timed mode where the goal is to see how long you can last, as the game becomes harder, before the bride blows her top.

Lots of effort was spent on populating the game with realistic characters, bringing up the kind of events that anyone can laugh and identify with even if the only wedding you planned was yours. Before you start the game, check out the eating styles of the guests. The number and variety is a nice addition and add a lot to the game. I only wish they had gone the extra meter on the simple mechanics of getting in and out of the game and selecting the different modes, saving and accessing scores. In one instance, given a choice to "Continue", no other option is provided. As casual games begin to enter realm of the "standard" games, they will need to pay more attention to housekeeping tasks.

Fun Factor: They are all garden parties - thankfully you don't have to hire a hall - or a live band
Female Factor: A female wedding planner and a female disk jockey - male guests and groom
Player Friendly: Play First understands their audience and the hybrid disks will play on both the PC and Mac

Reviewed by: Editor - 04/08

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