To: The Game Industry
From: Gen Katz, Editor
Topic: Faves - 2010
Date: Dec 2010

Our picks for the best of 2010 - offering players games that were creative, showed care in the making or were unusually good in their genre.

Final Fantasy; The Crystal Bearers - Wii - Square Enix
    An easy entry into FF games
Chronicles of Mystery; The Tree of Life - PC - City Interactive
    Well balanced with interesting locations
Guilty Party - Wii - Disney
    An engaging family game with an unusual family detective agency
My Neighbor Totoro - A movie - Disney/Studio Ghibli
    Absolutely charming, and girls are the heroes
Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse - PC - Telltale Games
    Funny and clever - a rare thing
Fragile Dreams; Farewell Ruins of the Moon - Wii - Xseed
    A haunting story of a dystopian world
Rooms: the Main Building - DS - Hudson
    Intriguing set of puzzles
Tales of Monkey Island - PC - Telltale Games
    Monkey Island with a twist- inventive visual puns
Puzzle Agent - PC - Telltale Games
    If it's TTG it's funny - FBI in Minnesota
Lego Harry Potter - All platforms - Warner Bros.
    So good - waiting for the next one
America's Next Top Model - Wii - Crave
    Touches many different aspects of the model world
Midnight Mysteries - The Edgar Allen Poe Conspiracy - PC - Mumbo Jumbo
    Hidden object game with a good story around E.A. Poe
Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials - PC - Mumbo Jumbo
    Hidden object game with a real and fabricated history of Nathaniel Hawthorne
Grease: The Official Video Game - Wii - 505 Games
    Join in the Grease-time
Twisted Lands: Shadow Town - PC - Alawar
    Enjoyable deep mystery with excellent help
Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge - PC - Her Interactive
    Lots to do, see and solve and captures the feeling of being in Japan
The Sims 3 - PS3 - Electronic Arts
    Finally, a full blown Sims on the PS3
Plants vs Zombies - PC/Mac - Pop Cap
    Out last year but this outrageous concept is worth a replay
Undergarden - PC -
    One of the most beautiful games you will ever play.
Zhu Zhu Pets 2 - DS - Activision
    Some kids want to nurture these hamsters, others go for adventure
Just Dance 2 - Wii - Ubisoft
    Easy to break in - good music, dance and motion tracking.
Michael Jackson: The Experience - Wii - Ubisoft
    Music and the images make you want to try to copy the "Master"
Bejeweled 3 - PC - PopCap
    More game modes and bright graphics brightens the old favorite