To: The Game Industry
From: Gen Katz, Editor
Topic: If guns were shoes...
Date: Oct 2010
then maybe designers of hard core games could get more women to play their games. With some easy modifications - the likes of Capcom and Nexon could turn women into core-gamers. Take for instance a slight modification of Nexon's Combat Arms release:
Two hundred shoes and counting.

To celebrate the opening of our new service location, Invincible Legs Ltd. has released the five most popular shoes available in its Black Market. Our new store stocks more than 200 pairs of shoes. That's right, there are a whopping 200 shoes available at Invincible Legs Ltd. where you can select the proper item to assure victory when planning your next engagement. Images and prices are available on-line for our Black Market Series.

Valkyrie: This workhorse is ready for action and offers daring protection - an open-toed combat boots in lavender calf with semi-automatic magenta laces - unbeatable response time. Scores high on heavily armed outdoor type.

Arctic Vixen: This is the item to take down your competitors - one look and they will retreat. Pewter burnished snakeskin strikes a subtle malevolent glow on this knee-high or thigh high boot. Gold spurs available for bike riders. Choice of two knife sheaths or one knife sheath and mobile holder. Knives not supplied.

Detonator: Is really a tango dancing shoe. Red patent leather, formidable gold plated heels and titanium taps. You will be able to mow down competitors with an unending stream of fiery staccato beats.

Counter strike: - Gain the advantage, launch an effective pre-emptive strike - go above the fray - iridescent holograms mounted on a ten inch steel shaft has a disappearing and reappearing camouflage effect. Sensuous smooth link ties complete the look.

Stealth Action - almost nude, pink ribbons and butterflies climbing up your legs. He won't know what hit him. Endangered species available at extra cost. Advised for first-person blind date. Effective in a 360 degree radius.

Ed.note. I'm giving this idea away for free.

It was this Combat Arms release (in the column to the right) courtesy of Bob Holtzman that sparked my idea.

Two hundred guns and counting

Combat Arms grows its Arsenal, which now has more than 200 guns, and shares the five most popular found in its Black Market

Going for the kill in first-person shooters is always fun especially with a shiny new gun. Picking and choosing from a long list of guns is one big reason more than three million registered Soldiers of Fortune have such a great time slugging it out in Combat Arms, Nexon Americas popular multiplayer online first-person shooter.

The game just delivered its monthly timed-content release and passed a major milestone offering more than 200 guns in its deadly, fully-loaded Arsenal.

That's right, there are a whopping 200 guns available for Combat Arms soldiers to select from when planning their next firefight. This number is more than double the amount of guns offered in any of the games competitors.

Players can take part in the fun by checking out the newest gun added to the Arsenal, the M960, a bullpup-modeled submachine gun which features a helical-feed magazine for a very large ammunition capacity. Nexon America also added a Combat Vest, offering greater speed and no defensive penalty as well as a new Flame Bandit Mask, which features a fearsome flame emblem.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Nexon America has released the five most popular guns available in its Black Market, where players purchase weapons with NX, which is acquired via real money. Here are the guns and some lethal user statistics on each gun.

G36E Valkyrie: This workhorse offers a high magnification scope with excellent accuracy, making it effective against entrenched snipers while the strong firing rate and high stopping power make it potent in close combat scenarios. This popular weapon has recorded 1.5 billion shots, resulting in more than 71 million kills in 9.4 million matches.

L96A1 Arctic Wolf: The most-used sniper rifle in Combat Arms offers a tantalizing opportunity one hit equals one kill. This deadly weapon has been fired more than 147 million times and soldiers have scored a lethal 44.5 million kills in 12.3 million matches.

M107CQ SE:This .50 caliber Sniper Rifle offers nearly unlimited range and excellent accuracy so if a sniper sees something he wants dead, nothing is going to stop him. With more than 36 million shots in 3.1 million matches, the twin-magnification scopes on this rifle have delivered 12 million kills.

M416 CQB: Low recoil, excellent portability and a rapid rate of fire are why this weapon has been used in more than 11 million matches and delivered 89 million kills in over 2.1 billion shots. This weapon allows soldiers to quickly move into position and lay down sheets of fire on the enemy.

P90 TR: When soldiers want to mow down foes with an unending stream of lead, this weapons high rate of fire, massive magazine and easily controlled recoil all allowed for soldiers to score 18 million kills out of 559 million shots in 2.9 million matches.

Players can head over to the Arsenal ( to see all 200 guns and the many other weapons available in Combat Arms.

Bob Holtzman
Nexon America Inc.
May 12, 2010
Combat Arms Enhances Arsenal With Extensive Weapons Update