To: The Game Industry
From: Gen Katz, Editor
Topic: In Praise of Older Games
Date: Aug 2011

I've been reviewing games for over 12 years both as and As might be expected many games have passed under my fingertips. The very best I have saved, with the idea that I would someday have grandchildren and they would be able to play these games. It has all come to pass and I keep a PC with Windows 98 that will play these games.

Let me share the bounty that I have; Pajama Sam - both Don't Fear the Dark and Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frighting - their titles alone are great messages for kids; Freddy Fish, a gentle game that has you finding you way around the briny deep good memory training; Madeline with Ludwig Bemelmans' narration of the story where every click brings a surprise; Spy Fox is an outrageous take on James Bond, some of the sophistication will be missed by kids, but not their parents. The original Babyz has my granddaughter in thrall. I haven't told her yet that she can adopt more than three babies if she sends the extras to grandma; there's Zoombinis for when they get a little older; I own Midnight Play Pacovska's incredible creation that defies description - also her Alphabet; Orly's Draw-a-Story was the first to let you draw your characters and put them in a story funny paint cans clanking and Orly's Jamaica patois are so good; and then there is Smarty a kitchen tabletop creation by Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan where being smart only makes the fun better. I have them all eat your heart out.