To: The Game Industry
From: Gen Katz, Editor
Topic: Mind Your Children Well
Date: Jul 2011

The Supreme Court saw no harm to children from the violence in computer games and lumped games with books and movies as artistic expression and deserving protection under the right to free speech. That means that games that have intense violence, blood and gore will be available without legally enforceable age restriction. I guess that none of the Supremes have kids.

I believe that there are residuals from being the actor in violent games that last forever. Ask any adult what the most violent/scary film was they have ever seen. Often it's Psycho and they will often relate that they were disinclined to take showers long after. But everyone can vividly recall something. These adults didn't have video games. But how much stronger is the effect when, in the game, you are the one slitting throats and methodically dismembering the enemy - all encouraged with higher points scored?

So now it is the parent's responsibility to guard their children. Perhaps the responsibility is most appropriately laid on them. Read the game reviews, ask the store clerks what they liked about the game, sit and watch your kids play, discuss the violence in the game and don't be afraid of saying, "No" to your kid's plea that, "it's only a game".