Women in the Game Game - Interviews

Ever wondered how games are made? Who makes games? Could you make games?

Games4Women talks with women in the game business. You might be surprised to find how like you they are!

Carla Humphrey of Last Day of Work

Annie Fox

Stevana "Stevie" Case of fatfoogoo

Lin Shen of Papaya Studios

Cara Ely of Oberon Media

Alana "Ms X" Reid of girlz 0f destruction

Jamie "Missy" Pereyda of girlz 0f destruction

Nancy Drew - Danger on Deception Island: Michaela of Her Interactive

Syberia: Marie-Sol Beaudry of Microids

Darkening Skye: Diane Strack of Simon & Schuster Interactive

Who Makes Nancy Drew?

An interview with Kelly Standard of Presto Studios.

An interview with Sarah Stocker of Stormfront Studios.

An interview with Mary DeMarle of Presto Studios.