To: The Game Industry
From: Gen Katz, Editor
Topic: Summer Is The Dry Season.
Date: Aug 2005

Well, the dog days of summer are over and I am really ready for the flood gates to open, letting the new games rain down on me. Which led me to thinking about why is it that summer is such a dry season for games? Yeah, I know that the kids are out of school -- but that's not a good enough reason. TV at least fills in with reruns -- so why not reruns for some of those great games?

To jump start in time for next year -- I'm making a list of some old games that are still some of the best and most innovative ones that have been published. Remember our site is called,, so our preferences are towards non-violent and games with "E" and "T" ratings.

Some companies that have published these wonderful games no longer exist, some have been taken over by larger companies and some genres like edutainment games have vanished. I hope you find some of your favorites here for a little touch of nostalgia, if not, let me know and we can start another list.